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About me:

Hello everyone. I know this blog looks pretty plain, but bear with me. I’m a 51 year old father of 5 who gets his wife to handle e-transfers because they are too complicated. This is a new realm for me. I am a first year principal in Horizon School Division in only my 5th year teaching. I know. I know. What is a 51 year old doing in only his fifth year as an educator? Well, long story short, I was in a totally unrelated field for 27 years until an injury in 2014 forced me to retire, re-evaluate, and re-educate.

And now, the next chapter continues with the same 51 year old tackling a Masters program. Although I do have trouble setting up e-transfers, the pandemic forced us to us online tools like Google Classroom to help our students continue to learn and grow. I hope this class helps me expand my knowledge and understanding of what I and my staff can do to in implementing more online options in our classroom.

Have a great term!


Published by eddypaslowski

Administrator and educator in the Horizon School Division. I am husband and father of 5, working on my first masters course.

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