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My Opinion Of Socrative Teacher

I downloaded the free version of Socrative Teacher to give it a try. My main reason for trying this app was that I remembered a university class I had taken that introduced the Socrative Method to our class. I had enjoyed the methodology behind its use and so when I saw this app I gave it a try.

The first thing I noticed was it was IOS compatible which is appealing. It was an easy download from the App Store with no pressure to buy anything right away. Next, I noticed with a free version all you could have was one classroom but up to 50 students could be included. You can make up to 5 free quizzes, but only have one public room and only one activity going at a time. The quizzes could have multiple choice, true/false , or short answer questions. Students did not have to have an email to be able to join the class. Upgrades, ( Socrative Pro), from $90-$180 US per year give you up to unlimited quizzes and 20 classes.

A feature I really liked was the use of common “rooms” for a class to work in. The teacher can watch all the activity live in this room and then create a report for each activity. This could be exported or shared as well. Results from quizzes and activities could be shared with students as well, very similar to other platforms like Google Classroom. Another feature I liked was the ability to search for things like articles etc. internally under “Help Topics”. This could be helpful just for simplicity.

Overall, I enjoyed how easy Socrative is to use and understand. The activities and ease of creating small assessment pieces made this a platform I would consider since I am not tech savvy.


Published by eddypaslowski

Administrator and educator in the Horizon School Division. I am husband and father of 5, working on my first masters course.

2 thoughts on “My Opinion Of Socrative Teacher

  1. Hey! I also find this tool familiar with Google Classroom because students can do quizzes, and other activities on it. Teacher can have access to the students’ activities and evaluate them. I also like the Space Race, a fun assessment.


  2. Hi! Socrative is a neat tool. I like how it has developed over time and still remained user friendly. Curiously, do you find there is an age limit to what grades you would use it in? Or just a matter of setting it up correctly for the age? Thanks for sharing.


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