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Module One-History 20

My modules are intended for a blended learning experience. I will use Google Classroom for my main platform of delivery, but this would be used to go along with in class learning as well. I am working with the knowledge and value objectives from the History 20 curriculum, p. 32, in our Sask curriculum. To start the module, students will go on to the class Whatsapp to add to a discussion on what they know about trench warfare. This will be asynchronous, but mandatory for all students.

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Below are the link and class code to look at my classroom. Enjoy.



Published by eddypaslowski

Administrator and educator in the Horizon School Division. I am husband and father of 5, working on my first masters course.

2 thoughts on “Module One-History 20

  1. Have you used this lesson into in the classroom before? Do you find students know much about trench warfare beyond what they have seen in the movies?


    1. I used a version of this lesson a couple of years ago with a KWL chart at the beginning. This was around the time the movie 1917 was out and some students used examples from the movie in their chart. We then had a long discussion about how Hollywood can sometimes do a good job being historically accurate and how sometimes they embellish details to make money. The activity afterward went well and I use that part every year as well as the assessment piece.


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